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Grow in harmony with nature.

Grow in harmony with nature.

Grow with Gold

GROWO Liquid Vermicompost Extract is the perfect soil and plant conditioner. A natural complex of fertilizing organic compounds, micro and macro elements, and micro-organisms and flora help plants grow big, hearty, healthy, and fast all the while enriching the soil with active ingredients.

Simple and easy-to-use, mix the extract and treat your soil, seeds, roots, leaves, buds, bulbs, and flowers. Great for all of your indoor and outdoor growing needs.

The solution to better growing is the harmony of fertilizing elements and organic compounds. Go grow organic!

The Living Soil Amendment

GROWO extract is made from composting organic masses and wastes processed by worms, also known as vermicomposting or vermicasting. Once the vermicompost matures, the nutrients and organic compounds are extracted into a liquid concentrate.

From compost, to vermicompost, to extract, each stage of the process works to ready the nutrients and micro-organisms that aid in plant health and growth. The result is a complete, robust supplement improving soil plant and health.

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How It Works

Growo provides both essential nutrients and micro-organisms beneficial for plants. It also conditions the soil make nutrients more available while keeping a strong structure. GROWO impacts every aspect of the cycle.

Compost comes from organic matter and green or brown masses. Worms break down the compost, casting the organic matter into a vermicompost. The essential organic matter is extracted using an organic process. From start to finish, GROWO is all natural.

We’re thinking about growing big on a strong foundation. As plants and soil are better able to use and keep nutrients, we reduce the strain on the environment helping to preserve our soil and agricultural sustainability. We also get to eat better food.

Powered by Nature

GROWO is powered by nature, harnessing the essence of composting and worm casting in a concentrated extract. By enhancing a natural process we’ve created a low-impact product that improves food security and sustainability as well as profits. Grow to a gold standard.


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