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VitalGro Solutions

VitalGro Solutions, (formerly Growo Canada)  established in June , 2019, is engaged in the growth and expansion of biofertilizers within the America’s.  As an associate of SIA MBC Trade, Latvia, the architect of Growo™ Vermicompost, VitalGro Solutions provides Growo™ products, services, and technology within the America’s.

Growo™ Vermicompost was developed through extensive research in Latvia with the active involvement of the Institute of Biology, University of Latvia and the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies.  Subsequently  through this work scientist developed a unique technology and process to harness and enchain the full potential of worm’s natural bioprocessing.  The process operates within a strict controlled environment at each stage of production resulting in consistent reliable products.

VitalGro Solutions invites you to experience all the benefits of using Growo™ Vermicompost products in all plant growing enterprises.

The ingredients we use every day comes from the environment around us and affects us when we consume it. We want to eat healthy, balanced, ecologically clean foods, and we need to make sure we keep growing them that way. We can create positive feedback by making small changes. Join us in our challenge, our mission, to cultivate organic technologies and practices, helping to bring food security and restore damaged ecology.


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