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How It Works

What is vermicompost extract?

GROWO Liquid Vermicompost Extract is a comprehensive fertilizing supplement that can be used on its own or in combination with any plant nutritional regiment.

GROWO extract is made from vermicompost, a product of worms processing traditional composts. All the nutrients contained within the extract are prepared by natural processes and are ready to be assimilated by the plants and soil. GROWO extract is rich in nutritional elements and compounds, humic and organic acids, and micro-organisms and micro-flora.

GROWO enhances plant and vegetation growth by working as a living soil amendment. The biologically prepared organic compounds act to strengthen the soil ecology creating a positive effect on the environmental cycle.

Why use vermicompost extract?

GROWO’s impact starts small and grows big.

The extract contains all essential nutrients for plant nutrition as well as micro-organisms and flora for cycling and making those nutrients most available for plants to absorb. The majority of micro-life found in vermicompost cannot be reproduced in isolation by traditional laboratory means. This diverse assortment can only be made by the unique properties of worm casting (vermicomposting).

All the bacteria, fungi, and micro-organisms create a nourishing environment for plants, with nutrients released at the rate plants are want to absorb, and GROWO working at every stage of plant development unlike traditional supplements and fertilizers.

Plants treated with GROWO grow bigger, faster, with more vigour, more nutrients, and are much more resistant to illnesses. These qualities emerge from vermicompost’s high micro-biological activity which has both element cycling and anti-pathogenic properties.

Using GROWO will help the plants we eat and use everyday to be heartier, healthier and more nutritious. Stronger plants means bigger yields as well as less transportation and storage waste. Healthier food means healthier people. Join us in creating opportunities to live organically and in harmony.

How it’s made

  • The process starts by composting green and brown masses: manure, mowed grasses and hay in a pressurized and heated container for decontamination and breakdown.
  • The compost is loaded into worm reactors and the worms set off working hard to process the compost. In exchange for a meal, they produce plenty of nutrients and microorganisms.
  • The vermicompost product is stored indoors over the winter season for biological maturation and the sporing thaw naturally draws out excess moisture. The matured product is ready to be used as a soil amendment.
  • The matured vermicompost is mixed with water and treated with a hardwood ash to extract the organic elements and then concentrated to preserve the organic elements. Dilute the mixture to activate the living ingredients.

Benefits of GROWO Vermicompost Extract

  • Increases the viability and germination rate of seeds
  • Increases the growth rate of plants
  • Shortens the growing season of plants
  • Increases fertility
  • Improves fruiting qualities like sugar content
  • Improves plant’s weather resistance
  • Improves soil structure and cycling
  • Improves the soil’s water retention
  • Promotes soil aeration
  • Natural insect repellent
  • Colonizes seeds and roots with anti-pathogenic coating
  • Makes more nutrients available
  • Makes nutrients steadily and constantly available
  • Contains biologically active and living ingredients (1 billion bacteria and 1 million fungi per 1 mg of vermicompost)
  • Protects soil from erosion
  • Protects ground water and soil from heavy metal and radionuclide contamination
  • Reduces macro-fertilizer waste
  • Works in the soil for up to 4 years from a single application season
  • Can be used as a fertilizing conditioner or a damage restorative
  • Effects compound with consistent use

For the brightest greens and for all of your growing needs. Use the gold standard in growing. Go Growo.


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